Monday, February 9, 2015

Summer Camps with The Raptor Center

 Kids' University camps in partnership with Recreation and Wellness at the University of Minnesota
Registration begins today!  Web link (with registration) here
Other contact: 612-625-2242, and

All camps/topics are one week long.  A registration is for one week and one age group.

June 15-19, two age groups: 8-9 (5687), and 12-15 (5688)
June 22-26, two age groups: 8-9 5689), and 10-12 (5690)
In the tradition of Hogwarts, discover potions, herbology, transfiguration, the care of magical creatures, and of course flight! What do raptors have to do with dragons? Which magical house will you end up in? What magical properties will your wand be made out of? Find answers to these questions
and uncover the secrets of Minnesota’s ‘Hedwig’ and other interesting animals
at The Raptor Center.


July 6-10, two age groups: 9-11 (5691) and 12-15 (5692)
Come learn about life as a wildlife veterinarian at The Raptor Center, including
the process of raptor rehabilitation from admission to release. Participate in
lots of exciting hands-on activities and get up close and personal with live education 
eagles, hawks, owls and falcons. Camp also includes an extra field trip. A fun way
to learn about the exciting science of veterinary medicine!


June 8-12, two age groups: ages 6-7 (5685), and 8-9 (5686)
July 20-24, two age groups: ages 6-7 (5697), and 8-9 (5698)
Want to learn all about the birds of prey called raptors? Find out what
characteristics all raptors have in common and the differences between
owls, falcons, hawks, and other raptors. Take part in activities at
The Raptor Center, see live raptors up close, plus attend a related field trip.


July 27-31, two age groups: 8-9 (5695), and 10-11 (5696)
Uncover the gross but fascinating characteristics of raptors. Learn why a
turkey vulture poops on its feet and how it stays healthy even though it
eats dead animals. Explore the difference between owl pellets and owl mutes.
Look at the life cycles of some parasites that are “hitch hikers” on raptors
and learn why these “natural recyclers” are an important part of the food chain.
Try many hands-on activities and see live education owls, hawks, falcons, eagles,
and a turkey vulture.


July 13-17, two age groups: 10-12 (5693), 13-15 (5694)
What does an owl have to do with a wind turbine? How can a turkey vulture
teach us about solar energy? Explore nature's designs and how humans can
be inspired by them at Biomimicry Camp at The Raptor Center. Spend the
week designing and engineering using live raptors and bird adaptations as your muse!

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