Monday, January 26, 2015

Update on TRC Construction from Darner the American Kestrel

Darner, the American kestrel

While construction is ongoing at TRC, we have Darner the American kestrel perched in our lobby.  It is good experience for her to have ongoing exposure to the public as part of training, and we think the public appreciates being able to say hello to such an enigmatic raptor species. 

She asked to give the construction update from her perspective, as she can see the work being done from the lobby perch:

“As you can see, work is continually being done on our new housing.  The window in the lobby of The Raptor Center, in which I am spending the day, overlooks the rehabilitation bird pens.  However, the humans at TRC talk about that work is also being done on the new housing for me and my education winged ambassador co-workers.  Artemis the peregrine falcon reported earlier on the concrete walkways that were poured and the pea gravel for drainage that is in place.  I can see the structure that will be a roof to keep rain and snow out of the human paths of the rehabilitation bird area. I do not understand why a good rain bath is not welcome to them. It does wonders for my feathers.

It is easier to see where each pen will be from the outline of the structure right now. The holes are for concrete footings, and were being dug just today.  I am told that being able to dig in the ground in Minnesota in January is not common. 

I wonder if there are any mice that might be running around in those holes outside. . . yum! . . . but I hear "mouse" is going to be my lunch today anyway, prepared for me by TRC volunteers."

Holes being dug this morning!  This view can be seen from The Raptor
Center's lobby.  It overlooks the rehabilitation bird pens.

You can see the covered walkways here.

. . . and here.

This photo was taken just a couple of weeks ago.  See how quickly
work is done!

This is a photo of the education bird courtyard.

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