Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Update from Maxime the Bald Eagle on TRC's Construction

Mike Billington and Maxime.

With the warmer temperatures in the Twin Cities recently, winged ambassador Maxime the bald eagle was offered her (rat) meal outside.  It gave her a chance to “see” the new construction.  She asked to give a report.

“The new housing for me and my winged ambassador co-workers is coming along nicely!  The concrete footings and sidewalk are poured, and it is easier to envision the different housing areas for each of us.  The drainage system is being prepared to help with keeping our areas clean and free of ice and water in all seasons.  It has pea gravel on top that will keep my talons nice and filed.  I am the biggest eagle at TRC, so when I jump down from my perch onto the pea gravel, it cushions my jump and is nice for my feet when I walk around in my area.  I am not sure why the non-feathered staff would want to walk on the cement of that sidewalk.

I have also seen the new food preparation area, and am happy to say it is almost complete!  I hear it will be so nice for the staff and volunteers to prepare our holiday meals of yummy rat and fish there.”

Pea gravel is poured into the education bird areas.

The concrete walkways are being prepped for pouring.

This is the new food preparation area.


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    1. Thanks for the update, Maxine. Your new digs should be great!

  2. I am looking forward to meeting Maxime, my adoptee, and seeing the Raptor Center!