Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Final Update on Former TRC Patient, D.C. Snowy Owl

As you already know, the body of former TRC patient “D.C. snowy owl” was recovered from the shoulder of a Minnesota highway.  The owl’s body, which had been stored at a Minnesota Department of Natural Resources office, was recently transferred to The Raptor Center.  The clinical staff performed a necropsy (post-mortem exam). Our findings support the speculation that the owl had been hit by a vehicle as its body showed signs of severe trauma with multiple broken bones in both wings, the skull, and the lower jaw, as well as trauma to the internal organs.
We are all saddened by this ending and recognize it as a story too often retold as wildlife are increasingly finding their way in a human-altered landscape. 
There is encouraging news for those of us who support this work, however. The bird was in great body condition and had just recently eaten four rodents, demonstrating that the efforts regarding this bird’s rehabilitation were effective. 

We are grateful for the public support and to our many colleagues around the country who are committed to helping wildlife and supporting our work at The Raptor Center.

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