Thursday, March 20, 2014

Peregrine Falcon Nesting Season Begins!

Peregrine falcon screenshot of camera at Kentucky's
LG&E Mill Creek Generating Station
Happy spring!  For many of us, a sure sign of spring is the return of peregrine falcons to their urban nest sites.  For states like Kentucky and Indiana, some of the birds are already incubating eggs.

For states like Nebraska, Minnesota, Illinois and Wisconsin, the birds are active in choosing mates and determining the "owner" of a given site.

Nest cams are ways that technology has allowed us to watch the inner lives of peregrines, including their challenges. 

Links to some cameras (and we will certainly post more in the future!):
Kentucky: LG&E's Mill Creek Generating Station in southwest Jefferson County Peregrine Cam

Indiana: Fort Wayne (One Summit Center) Peregrine Cam

Indiana Fort Wayne Cam

Nebraska: Woodmen Tower

Nebraska's Woodmen Tower Cam
Illinois Waukegan Cam

Illinois: Waukegan Peregrine Cam

 Wisconsin: Madison Gas & Electric Cam

Minnesota and Wisconsin: Various cameras hosted through Raptor Resource Project.

The fascinating story of peregrine falcon restoration in the Midwest can be found on the Midwest Peregrine Society website. 

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