Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Checking in on Golden Eagle Tracking

We have some recent information on the movements of three golden eagles with transmitters.  Thank you to Mark Martell, Director of Bird Conservation, Audubon Minnesota, for sending these updates and making it possible for this information to be shared by so many. 

The background on the project, for those who might not be aware

Audubon Minnesota, the National Eagle Center, the MinnesotaDepartment of Natural Resources Nongame Program, and the Wisconsin Departmentof Natural Resources - Endangered Resources Program are involved in a project to increase our understanding of the biology and management needs of golden eagles wintering along the Mississippi River.

Golden eagle 45 – Jeanette – She returned to the same breeding area she used last summer on the Barren Grounds in Canada. She is at 66 degrees north which puts her just south of the Arctic Circle. She is still at this location, and if last year is any indication she could remain there for another month until she begins her southward migration.

Golden eagle 53 – Jack – He appeared to nest this summer just north of the Great Slave Lake in Canada at about 63 degrees north and 115 degrees west (the furthest west we have tracked a bird).

Golden eagle 46 – Our last good signals on this bird came last spring near the west shore of Hudson Bay. I recently got some beeps from the radio in that general area but they were not good enough to pinpoint an exact location or tell us if the radio is moving. As is generally the case I cannot say right now if the radio failed or something happened to the bird.

Here is a map with the points mentioned. 

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