Thursday, May 30, 2013

Update on Clinic Patient Northern Owl Species

A former great gray owl patient.
Veterinary Technician Greg Hansen with boreal owl,
and volunteer Sarah Knoss with great gray owl.

Thank you all for your interest in following our unique story about the nine species of owls that we had in our clinic earlier this year.  You will note that our current clinic patient census shows that many of these birds are no longer our patients. That is because we successfully sent them off with volunteers to locations in northern Minnesota.  Each species (boreal, great gray, snowy and northern saw-whet) has specific habitat requirements, even if they will only be at a release location for a few days before moving to respective breeding grounds. 
We were very happy to have played a role in giving these birds a second chance at life, and appreciate the network of volunteers and contacts who helped us with the details of their release.

Education Program Manager Gail Buhl gave the former clinic patients
a ride to begin coordinating the releases of these former patients.

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  1. Love how well packed Gails vehicle is. And I think it's funny how Greg got the little owl and Sarah got the big one, though not necessarily the heavier one!!