Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Wizarding World of Wildlife at The Raptor Center

The Wizarding World of Wildlife camp started this week at The Raptor Center.  It was just in time; a Very Big Mystery needs to be solved!  The campers will need all the skills they will learn this week to determine what happened with the clues they find. 

They will be aided with information from their Potions, Herbology and Care of Magical Creatures classes.  Professor Witherwings, Professor Downy, Professor Arachnos, and Professor Willow will teach the campers important critical thinking, investigation, and scientific methodology skills that they will use once the week is over.

In the first two photos, the campers are sorted into their Houses upon arriving.  Squawks the Parrot interpreted for the Sorting Hat. 

In the third photo, a camper very carefully collects evidence from the clues found.

In the fourth photo, Professor Downy shows the campers some of the equipment that TRC clinic staff use to solve patient raptor cases. 

In the last photo, Professor Willow shows the campers how to make a crystal ball.

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