Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Raptor Babies

If you've been following our Raptor Clinic Patient Census, you know that this is a very busy time for us.  Raptor youngsters are fledging or have recently fledged, and are encountering many new things in their world. 
Our clinic staff are very skilled at treating the patients; but they also are very skilled at identification of the patients.  Some raptor species have juvenile plumage or other physical characteristics that make them look much different then when they are an adult. 

Some are a little easier than others; did you identify the first photo as a young peregrine falcon?  An adult is the second photo.   

Now it is a little more challenging; the third photo are Northern saw-whet owls.  So is the fourth one!  In the case of this species, the molt for adult plumage begins in the first fall!  (We have not received young saw-whets yet this season; these photos were taken previously.)

Now it is your turn to be the "raptor baby detective."  The last two photos are of a raptor chick, and what the species looks like as a juvenile.  What species is it?  We will post a photo of an adult of this species later today. 

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  1. A hawk, but there are so many different kinds, it's hard to tell without a guide anymore!