Thursday, June 10, 2010

Kestrel chick Gets Help from TRC

TRC received its first young kestrel of the season! Sporting blue gray wings and a cinnamon tail, this 3.5 week old male was found walking in a backyard. Somehow, he got displaced from his family and was a little thin and dehydrated. He is doing well and will be put through a slow release process soon.

Many agencies throughout the country have expressed concerns that the population of American kestrels is declining. To help monitor the population, in 2009 TRC launched “Kestrel Watch” a citizen science project to help track kestrel sightings. If you see a kestrel, please contribute to this project by going to the Kestrel Watch site to let us know about it!

Here is some information on what to do if you find an injured raptor.

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