Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Harley Found!

Audubon's Director of Bird Conservation, Mark Martell, monitors the data that is being sent from Harley's transmitter, as well as Golden Eagle 42, the bird that was rehabiliated at The Raptor Center and released back into the wild last year. He noticed that both birds were within just a couple of miles from each other, near Cannon Falls. Amber Burnette from The Raptor Center went with him to see if either bird could be actually spotted. It was snowing fairly heavily in the area, so the photo is not clear, but he seems to be doing well! Another bald eagle was within 100 or so yards of Harley.

This is the area where he has been spending the last few days. There are lots of wooded hills, that frame open fields, in the area.

Here is a somewhat close-up shot of Harley, perched.

This is what Harley looks like as he was perched in his tree. Can you spot him? (Scroll down to see an arrow to point him out.)

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