Friday, January 29, 2010

Harley's Pre-flight Check

Today, Harley received his pre-release check, as well as being fitted with a GPS/satellite transmitter. As part of his pre-release exam, he was radiographed (his wing is well healed!), had a blood sample taken and received a permanent USFWS identification band around his left ankle.

The first photo shows the transmitter that will be used to send us information on where he is! The transmitter is fitted like a backpack on the bird - he will be able to fly comfortably with it. It weighs only 70 grams. Harley the bird weighs over 4200 grams, so this is a very small addition of weight.

The backpack has to fit exactly right, so Harley will not be bothered by it.

An average life-span of the transmitter is three years, though they have been known to last as long as five. There is a solar-powered battery on the unit. The unit is attached to Harley with teflon tape straps. Over time, the thread used to stitch the straps together will rot, and the backpack may just fall off.
Harley is ready to go!

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