Saturday, January 30, 2010

Harley Takes Flight

The day finally arrived! After Harley's successful rehabilitation and final check, as well as placing his satellite transmitter on, he was ready to go!

Carpenter Nature Center in Hastings, MN is a great place for releasing rehabilitated eagles. It is on the Mississippi River, where many congregate in the winter months.

A quick thinking staff member made sure to reserve a parking spot for Harley (or at least the Raptor Center staff who brought him!)

To transport Harley, he was carefully carried by Gail Buhl, Education Program Manager of The Raptor Center. Note the leather hood that covers Harley's eyes, so the stress of so many people and new things is cut down tremendously.

Gail shows the transmitter on Harley's back that we hope will teach us some things about how Harley fares after his treatment, as well as bald eagle biology.

Harley had many fans who came out to wish him well!

Gail showed the crowd Harley up-close.

Gail, Dr. Julia Ponder, Executive Director of The Raptor Center, and Brian Baladez, the person who found Harley when he was injured.

Brian would release Harley back into the wild. He took a moment to look at the bird he gave a ride to those months ago.

Brian gets ready to give Harley his freedom -

And off he goes!

You can see the transmitter on Harley's back as he flies away. Please keep checking back on the blog as we get information from the transmitter. We can track how Harley does!


  1. Good Luck Harley, Brian you are one Awesome person I hope more people read this story and appericate your unselfish heart. I am very proud to have you as a friend. This post was written by Sheila Hall

  2. Great photos!

    Brian, that was a good story about your old jacket.

    The doc said thats was NOT the way to transport a hurt bird.