Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Meet Meredith Lum, TRC's New Clinical Intern

We’d like to introduce you to Meredith Lum, TRC’s new clinical intern. 

"I grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio. I got my undergraduate degree at Otterbein College in Westerville, Ohio, where I focused on Equine Science, Molecular Biology, and Gender Studies. I came to Minnesota to pursue my veterinary degree at the University of Minnesota. I grew up thinking I would work with horses but after spending time working at ARCAS, the Oregon Zoo, and The Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of MN, I have developed a deep passion for working with wildlife and want this to be a lifelong career. I am thrilled to have my first job as a veterinarian in the field of wildlife rehabilitation and can only begin to imagine how much I am going to learn over the next year.    

Why I was interested in The Raptor Center:
The Raptor Center is a highly respected institute in the fields of wildlife medicine and research. I enjoy the emphasis this internship places on the role of the veterinarian as clinician, educator, and researcher. I was interested in the amount of time that is spent in the clinic as well as engaging in outreach whether it is through talking to finders, teaching camp kids, or working with veterinary students.

What I hope to learn: 
I hope to build on my skills as a veterinary clinician. I also hope to gather as much information as possible from all of the departments that keep The Raptor Center functioning including the clinic, education, and rehabilitation. Additionally, I look forward to mentoring and teaching veterinary students that come through the clinic as well as younger children through outreach education programs. I am also working to complete a welfare project for the education birds that I started as a senior veterinary student."

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