Thursday, June 15, 2017

Meet TRC's Summer Scholar Treana Mayer

Meet Treana Mayer, TRC's
Summer Scholar

We are excited to introduce you to our Summer Scholar, Treana Mayer. The Summer Scholars are veterinary students who have earned the opportunity to work in research with faculty during their summer break. They received grant funding through a competitive process based on proposals they wrote. During the summer, they will work closely with faculty to learn more about the research process as well as take a lead role in one specific project.

“I’m a rising second year doctor of veterinary medicine student right here at the University of Minnesota, with a strong interest in the fields of free roaming wildlife, conservation medicine, and One Health. My background includes an undergraduate degree in Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology, and experience working with many types of avian species, including endangered, domestic, and captive-wild birds.

In the future I’m considering an advanced research degree after my DVM, to investigate unknowns regarding wildlife health, and emergent infectious diseases. I am passionate about anthropomorphic climate change, and its impacts on the health of our ecosystems, animal and human communities. In choosing to pursue veterinary medicine, I felt compelled to use this toolset to mitigate human caused impacts to our neighboring species, and to explore adaptive strategies to improve the health of animals and people alike.

This is why I’m most excited to be here at The Raptor Center as a Summer Scholar, to support their mission in the clinic, while working on a research project for reducing subjectivity in body condition scoring. My hope is to contribute towards the greater standardization of wild raptor health data collection, to allow for greater collaboration across organizations, improving our understanding of these amazing birds in the future.”

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