Thursday, May 11, 2017

Guest Blogger Lilah H. and Why She Loves Birds

Lilah H.

Our guest blogger today did a great job of highlighting how people celebrate and become connected to birds (Saturday is International Migratory Bird Day).  Lilah H., age 11, was a Youth RaptorCorp member this past session, which is TRC’s service learning club.  She shared this story of how she fell in love with birds.  We look forward to what other journeys Lilah will have with birds in the future. 

“When I was younger I loved to play outside. I would explore nature and go on adventures. One day I was outside playing and I noticed a baby bird. It didn’t look like it could reach for the clouds like other birds could. It was too small. My brain got stuck with the thought that the bird couldn’t fly so I walked over to the bird and started flapping my arms. I knew I was a human so I wouldn’t be able to take off into flight to show the bird, but I wanted to teach it. I knew I could shout so I started to shout “fly away bird, fly”. I spent half of my afternoon outside flapping my arms and shouting “fly away bird, fly”. Finally the bird got the message the three year old human was trying to tell it. It started to frantically flap its wings. The bird rose a bit into the air but fell back down, it tried again and it took off into flight with me shouting, “fly away bird, fly!.” This experience made me love birds so much. Thus encouraged me to join Youth RaptorCorps when I was older. Know I have learned something new each meeting about birds that have made me love them more.”

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