Wednesday, March 16, 2016

I Wonder . . . . How Long Can Wild Raptors Live?

We thought you'd like to know how old some species of raptors have been recorded to live.  These records come from the Bird Banding Lab.  They are records of the oldest wild members of a species who have been banded, so we have a record of age at the time of banding, and age at the last known encounter.
You can look up the longevity record of any species you are curious about here.  

Oldest on Record

American kestrel

14 years 8 months
Bald eagle

38 years
Turkey vulture

16 years 10 months
Peregrine falcon

19 years 9 months
Red-tailed hawk

30 years 8 months
Great horned owl

28 years
Barred owl

24 years 1 month
Northern saw-whet owl

9 years 5 months
Barn owl

15 years 5 months

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