Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Hanging Out With the Burroughs Birders

The education owls at The Raptor Center "manufactured" some pellets that were dissected recently by the Minneapolis Burroughs Birding Club.  They could identify jaws, ribs and skulls among other rodent bones in the pellets, which make up the owls' diet.

This birding club, which meets in spring, fall and is just finishing up a winter session, was started by TRC volunteer, Amy Simso Dean. 

This group of 4th and 5th graders is exploring topics with birds as the lens.  They look at which species of birds are around us at different times of the year, and what they personally can do to contribute to bird conservation, among many other topics.  As weather permits, the club has outings to practice identification and just learn what is around.

Peyton K, 4th grade, one of the club members, wrote a piece about why she thinks people should learn about birds:

I like birding because it let me get out in nature and explore.  And I can do my favorite thing and look with my own eyes at the beautiful birds.  To be honest I like going out in nature and seeing birds or any animal in person instead of on a TV screen.  I think people should learn about birds because they are so cool, they do so many amazing things.  Some male birds even do a dance to impress the females.  I did watch a show on TV about these types of birds and I bet I couldn’t even dance that good if I tried my hardest!!!  My last reason is that birds are beautiful animal in so many different ways – there are many shapes, sizes and millions of different kinds and colors!!  That’s why I love birds and think that other people should join our bird club.  I’ll bet you’ll see lots of birds; all you have to do is be quiet, have a sharp eye, get out there and explore.  Oh and don’t forget to have fun!!!

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