Wednesday, January 27, 2016

New Winged Ambassador at The Raptor Center

We think she's a beautiful addition!

Gail brings the new bird to a perch in her "new" housing.

A treat (rat!) for the good work made the transition easy. 
If you’ve visited TRC recently, you know that we have a new winged ambassador on the team!  A female red-tailed hawk, hatched in 2015, is now residing in our Douglas Dayton Education Wing. 
She has a congenital condition called microphthalmia that has made her left eye very small. She is also blind in the left eye.

Gail Buhl, education program manager, has been working to get her used to being on the glove.  She was housed off public areas initially, so she could be gradually introduced to more human activity. In the photos on the post today, Gail brought this beautiful bird to her new housing, in the public part of the courtyard.   

Ongoing training will happen as we hope to start introducing her to more people very soon.  TRC educates around 150,000 people each year with messages of how we share the world with birds like this one.  She will be an important part of this effort.

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