Friday, November 13, 2015

Thank you from The Raptor Center

The Raptor Center is overwhelmed with gratitude for your support.  Yesterday, because of your generosity, $70,000 was raised for The Raptor Center.  Because of our $52,000 challenge match, that makes a total of $122,000 for Give to the Max Day.  Some gifts were given to TRC directly, so the GiveMN site does not reflect them, but they did count towards the match.

With these funds, you provide the support needed for TRC to give sick and injured raptors a second chance at life.   With your gifts, you help TRC provide opportunities for all ages to engage nose-to-beak with our education ambassador raptors.  With your support, TRC can teach the next generation of wildlife health professionals, and teach stewardship of the environment to its future caretakers  - our children. 

We also acknowledge your support throughout the year, sharing your time, gifts and the stories we are able to create each day of making a difference. 

Your voice was heard that you value raptors and the role they play in connecting our worlds together.  We are thankful to stand together with you in helping make the world a healthy place for all of us, and keeping raptors in the skies where they belong. 

Here is a thank you video from our volunteers and staff (feathered and non.)

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