Tuesday, October 27, 2015

MNDNR Proposal on Non-Toxic Shot

Many of you are very familiar with the risks presented to wildlife, including eagles, ravens, trumpeter swans and doves, from spent lead ammunition. Recently the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (MNDNR) announced a proposed rule requiring hunters to use non-toxic shot on state wildlife management areas in Minnesota’s farmland zone beginning in 2018, an area covering about 600,000 acres. 

Although this ban may not impact bald eagles directly, the purpose of it is to reduce the amount of lead deposited into the environment on public lands, to protect wildlife and to support a healthy environment.

The MNDNR will be taking comments on this proposed ruling for 60 days. We encourage you to share your opinions with them at:
MNDNR Wildlife
Box 20
Minnesota Department of Natural Resources
500 Lafayette Road
St. Paul MN   55155-4020

Or email jason.abraham@dnr.state.mn.us. 

More information on how banning lead shot will improve the image of hunters, safeguard hunting opportunities and preserve the hunting heritage on a StarTribune article. 

Here are some links to more information:

TRC website on lead poisoning

Peregrine Fund’s conference on ingestion of spent lead ammunition

USGS brochure on lead in wild birds

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