Monday, September 28, 2015

Fall Raptor Release Event 2015

The bald eagle "America" was released today by
Jeff Payne of 3M at our Fall Raptor Release
event at Carpenter Nature Center.
She is healthy, and ready to join
her wild cousins back in the skies once more
It means so much for TRC to share this event with our friends! Thank you to all who came out to celebrate these wild raptors being returned to the wild. It is because of your support that we can be here to help these sick and injured birds back to their rightful place in the skies.

Volunteer Amy D. with Lois the great horned owl.

Pi and Maxime the bald eagles had many photographers today!

Volunteer Sue M. shows off a male kestrel, one of TRC's education ambassadors

Quite a crowd showed up today!

Dawn Krueger released a Cooper's hawk.

Jamaica the red-tailed hawk surveyed the crowd.

Casper the red-tailed hawk has appeared in quite a few
Raptor Release events over the years.

Pi the bald eagle certainly looked handsome this day!

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  1. I have been attending Raptor Releases for several years and I always learn something new. We use the word "awesome" without much thought to what it really means...If you want to find out come experience a majestic bird returning to the wild and the that's AWESOME !!!