Thursday, August 6, 2015

Raptors Everywhere

Can you see the red-tailed hawk perched?
While it's fun to share our winged ambassador raptors with the public, it's also great to talk about the wild raptors that we share our world with.  You only need to look outside the window to find them!

Several species of raptors have fledged very near TRC's location, on the St Paul campus of the University of Minnesota.  Cooper's hawks zoom through the trees; an American kestrel has been visiting some of the agriculture fields.  And a red-tailed hawk family has been very visible.

One of the adults frequents a structure that is very near the parking lot many of our TRC staff use.  She has most likely been very successful finding rodents there.

One of the youngsters from the year was recently very vocal about not getting food from a parent; see the photos at the end of this post.  The bird chased one of the adults until the latter turned in mid-air to discourage the chase.  The youngster did find something to eat on its own later in the day, so its hunting skills are indeed being developed.

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