Friday, July 10, 2015

Young "Veterinarians" at TRC

This week was our "Raptor Vet" summer camp at The Raptor Center, for ages 9-11. Our campers learned the process of raptor rehabilitation from admission to release.  In the first photos, Dr. Devin Tunseth, one of TRC's clinical interns, used a stuffed bald eagle to demonstrate some of the parts of a raptor patient that are examined.
Clinical Intern Dr. Devin Tunseth

The last two photos are drawings from our campers.  The activity was intended to encourage observation skills, which are very important to a veterinarian who is examining a patient.  Some of our education winged ambassadors were used as the "models."  The campers came up with some very detailed drawings, as well as very skillful perceptions of the birds' anatomy. 

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