Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Raptor Center: Update on Construction from Whisper the Barn Owl

"I went outside recently to enjoy my mouse lunch, and could see the progress on the new housing for me and my fellow TRC education ambassadors.  I was told where my "mew" (individual housing) would be.  I think I will like it quite a bit.  Some sun, some shade, and some moon at night!  There is such careful attention to the dimensions and to make sure there are no sharp corners anywhere.  It also looks very sturdy.

I was told that the housing/ holding areas for the wild raptor clinic patients is also coming along nicely.  The very long eagle pen is easy to tell from the smaller pens for the other species.  The different sizes are just right for each raptor species, and are a combination of a place for them to get acclimated to outside temperatures as well as room for exercise.
This large area is the eagle rehabilitation housing.

I hope you all come and visit this summer once they are complete.
Because the staff and volunteers have been so busy focusing on getting the new facilities ready, and managing the education and rehabilitation birds in our care, we will not hold the Spring Raptor Release event next month. We know it is a favorite event of our friends, therefore, we look forward to sharing the Fall Raptor Release event with you on Saturday, September 26.”
These are the outlines for the rehabilitation raptor
holding areas.

You can see the covered walkway in the middle; the
education bird housing areas are taking shape!

Soon our friends will be able to walk that sidewalk
and say hello to all of the education birds!

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  1. Looking great. Can't wait to visit the facility when completed.