Friday, June 6, 2014

Great Way to Learn Birding By Ear - With Your Eyes

The Raptor Center loves sharing creative and fun ways to learn!  We love the new Cornell Lab of Ornithology's "Bird Song Hero."

The All About Bird Biology team developed "Bird Song Hero". This fun game puts the visual side of your brain to work, asking you to match the song you’re hearing to one of three visual representations of the sound. With more than 50 songs featured, you might just end up with a catchy song stuck in your head.

Here is a screenshot of one of the bird song/calls you can play, and then try to match up to one of the spectrograms of a particular species' call/song on the right.  (Note: even if you got the song right, it's fun to play the songs of the other species for more learning!)

We all learn in different ways; this is a terrific combination of engaging sight and hearing to

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