Thursday, November 14, 2013

A Red-tailed Hawk Patient Flies Free!

On a cold, clear morning earlier this week, a red-tailed hawk recently featured in a newspiece was released after receiving five new flight feathers through a process called imping. Imping is the technique The Raptor Center uses to replace broken flight feathers before a raptor patient is released back to the wild. Raptors need a full complement of flight feathers in order to ensure the best possible outcome - survival in the wild.

"This hawk healed well from its injuries and, after having its broken wing feathers replaced, was ready for release. When given back its freedom, the bird soared above our heads for several minutes before flying out of sight," said clinic manger Lori Arent. Bill Hallquist, of the Town and Country Club in St Paul, released the bird. The last step in the rehabilitation process is to ensure that each raptor patient is released into a safe and appropriate habitat. The Town and  here.
Country Club graciously allowed us to release the bird at their site, which was very close to where the bird had been recovered. This lucky former patient will be in familiar surroundings as she begins her second chance at life. You can watch a video of the release

This red-tailed hawk patient's story is just one where our staff and volunteers partnered with YOU - our friends - to make it happen. We couldn't do this work without your support.

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