Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Will You Help TRC to Help Baby Raptors?

This American kestrel chick is just one of the many young raptors victimized by the wrath of strong storms that recently pounded down on MN and WI. Numerous eagle nests were blown down and chicks were forced to fledge prematurely.  One late bloomer, a great horned owl chick still in the nest (they are normally out of the nest by the end of April), is now viewing its world at a slant as its nest tree leans precariously towards a business building.  TRC is working with the building owners to devise a plan to help this chick before the tree is cut down within a few days.

None of these youngsters or their parents have homeowner’s or health insurance to cover the cost of medical care, food, or field assistance.  It takes time and resources for TRC to meet the needs of these individuals and we depend on your support to do this work. As we approach our fiscal year end, a gift from you will help us meet our fundraising goals. Will you help us continue this work by making a gift today?

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