Friday, May 25, 2012

Harmon's Countdown to Fledging!

With his parents very engaged in bringing food to the nest of the hungry chick, Harmon appears to be quite healthy and growing at the rapid pace that his species is known for. He is behaving like a normal eagle chick, often peering over the edge of his nest. At this age - almost six weeks old - he is right about at the halfway point before fledging. This is when Harmon's very visible flight feathers will be able to sustain his very first attempts at flight from the only home he has known - the safety of his nest.

Many of you have been following Harmon's story since his dramatic rescue and return to the nest a few weeks ago.  Like many of you, we are enjoying this wonderful opportunity to peer into a world normally unseen by humans. As much as we think we know about wildlife, much of their world is still hidden from us. Harmon fortunately had a much different ending to his story than many wild raptors. We look forward to continuing to monitor his progress. (Minnesota Bound Live Camera link here.)


  1. Thanks again for the working helping little Harmon heal.

  2. And more thanks for all the trouble you took to save a little baby bird. You have given him the gift not only of his life, but a life that is wild and free.

    And I think the rescue and return was almost as important for Harmon's parents.

    May all three of them soar!

  3. thanks for everything everyone did to help Harmon and his Ps. Rewarding for all of us!