Thursday, April 12, 2012

Peregrine Camera downtown St Paul, MN

The Minnesota DNR Nongame Program are sponsoring a peregrine nest camera on the Bremer Building (formerly NorthCentral Life) in downtown St Paul, MN.

In 1987, a nesting box was placed on the east side of the building and was first used by a pair of falcons in 1988. Several pairs of falcons have chosen this site as their home, producing 61 chicks through 2011. This is the 9th year that the pair "Jill" and "Sota" have occupied the box. Sota hatched in 1994 and has been nesting since 1998. Despite missing two toes on each foot (probably due to frostbite), and being 17 years old, Sota has been able to provide enough food for himself, all of his offspring and his mate during incubation and early brooding of chicks. As of April 5th, 2012, the pair have laid four eggs. After about a 35-day incubation period, the chicks should hatch on around May 5th.

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