Wednesday, February 22, 2012

KSTP-5 and KARE11 at TRC for Snowy Owls

The Raptor Center hosted two groups of press friends today: KSTP-5 and KARE-11. KSTP-5 is doing a story on snowy owls tonight, and KARE-11 is featuring them on the Simply Science segment Thursday evening.
Dr. Julia Ponder, our Executive Director, talked about what TRC does in the flight conditioning process. Greg Hansen, Senior Veterinary Technician, also accompanied the Wednesday Flight Crew of volunteers. Two juvenile (second year) male snowy owls were flown. As one of the last parts of the rehabilitation process, raptors are exercised to strengthen their flight muscles, improve their flight mechanics and increase their endurance. During these flights they are given a careful assessment of their progress and condition. The ongoing plan for their rehabilitation is evaluated and modified for each individual. The Raptor Center employs a technique called creance training that was scientifically developed and tested through research methodology by our Clinic Manager, Lori Arent.

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