Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Environmental Initiative for TRC

The Raptor Center is always looking for new ways to contribute to our mission of a healthy, sustainable environment. Our volunteer-run Recycling for Raptors program has been a wonderful initiative to keep used ink cartridges out of landfills (100,000 as of 2010!)

We are now working towards reducing unwanted mail in our offices for 2012. We are part of a pilot program through a University of Minnesota Conservation Corps volunteer who is implementing a “junk mail” reduction project. Each day we weigh how much mail we receive and then staff sorts out any mail that is unwanted and places it into a box to be weighed at the end of the week. After a month our volunteer will begin to contact some of the organizations that the “junk mail” has come from and work towards removing our name from the lists. Two days into the program, we have already noticed we have duplicate catalogs from companies as well as numerous mailings for employees that are no longer working at The Raptor Center.

Want to make a difference in your own home or office?
Try contacting these organizations to remove your address.

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