Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Barred Owl Patient at TRC

One of The Raptor Center's current 55 patients is a barred owl. It was found in the chimney of a house – by people who were in the process of moving into the house! Owls are cavity nesters, and also choose cavities to roost in. Human-made structures such as chimneys have been choices for several owl species, especially when the owls find heat coming through these openings in our approaching colder weather. The owl had some broken feathers and was dehydrated, but the prognosis is good to release the bird back into the wild. (As you look at the photos with this message, note the soot around the bird's eyes. This is from being in the chimney. These photos were taken very early in the bird's treatment. The area around the eyes is very delicate, and soot is a substance that often takes multiple cleanings to completely remove from feathers.)

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