Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Harley's Travels and Great Galapagos Article!

Harley remains in Arkansas spending his time along the valley between Parthenon and Jasper. All of his evening roosts seem to be in a wood lot located about 2 mi. NW of Parthenon along the river. His daytime locations are within the valley. The exception was on February 11 when about 5:00pm he flew eastward about 9.5 miles and spent the evening in a very hilly an wooded area along a small river near Hwy 123 just north of Mt. Judea in Newton County. He returned to the Parthenon/Jasper area about mid-day on Feb 12.

Check out the great article on the Galapagos project from the Academic Health Center University of Minnesota! We are a featured story on the U of M's homepage for a week!

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